TBS Developing Shows Conan O’Brien and Norm McDonald


Last year, TBS changed their renowned slogan “very funny” to the absolutely edgy “veryfunny”. It seems that the space was getting in the way of funniness, as spaces are wont to do. As to continue this commitment to funny, they are developing more comedy programming to go along with the previously mentioned shows from Deon Cole and Ashton Kutcher and their Big Bang Theory reruns. Two of those shows, Most Likely and Zone Lord, will be produced by TBS’s boyfriend, Conan O’Brien, and one show, Norm MacDonald is Trending, will star Norm MacDonald and likely be beloved by his fans and overlooked by his non-fans. The breakdowns for all the shows are below. Read them before TBS changes their slogan to hilariously unreadable “f-v-u-e-n-r-n-y-y

Most Likely: It has been ten years since high school, and the former “most likely to succeed” star student returns to his hometown after losing his job. He winds up working for the former (and still) “most popular” jock in this mismatched buddy comedy penned by Josh Heald (Hot Tub Time Machine).Zone LordThree roommates awake one morning to discover an evil but very hip alien has moved into their building, along with his diminutive navigator.Norm MacDonald is Trending: Norm MacDonald hosts as he and his team of correspondents sort through the churning mass of pop culture and social media to pull out the funniest, most bizarre and entertaining events so you don’t have to.The Kid: To try and get his game back, a young and socially naïve golf prodigy named Quinn teams up with Joey, an unconventional new caddy. But much to the dismay of his father, Quinn learns more than just golf, as this new duo makes its way into the high-rolling, fast-moving big-time world of professional golf. The Kid is written by Donald Todd from a story by Sports Illustrated senior writer Michael Bamberger and writer Jay Hass, along with David Morse (Tremé) and professional golfer Phil Mickelson’s longtime caddy, Jim “Bones” Mackay.