TBS Might Become ‘Cougar Town’s’ New Hometown


These were gloomy days over in Cougar Town but things might be turning around. Cancellation wasn’t certain but it was likely, as their numbers are around an NBC-esque 1.3 18-49 rating and the fact alone that ABC shortened its episode order this year, relegating it to a midseason replacement. It’s being reported that TBS, home of the cable powerhouse known as old episodes of Big Bang Theory, are in talks to pick it up. The deal would be for two 15-episode seasons, which would put Cougar Town right in line for syndication. This is great news for an oft-overlooked show and television in general. We talk a lot about the potential of shows leaving broadcast and moving to cable but it hasn’t really happened yet, especially on this scale. Hopefully, Cougar Town will create the formula that our other beloved shows could follow. Either way, crack open a few bottles of Pinot Grigio and let’s get day drunk to celebrate.