Two High-Ranking ‘Community’ Producers Leave for Fox


Vulture is reporting Community Executive Producers Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan have signed a big deal to create television for 20th Century Fox. Goldman and Donovan have been Dan Harmon’s number twos since the premiere (and the namesakes for Fat Neil and Garrett, respectively) so the loss is significant. This doesn’t reveal anything about Community’s renewal future but let’s all just agree to pretend that it’s definitely great news, for some reason. It does reveal that Fox is making a hard push towards live action sitcoms, something that before New Girl hadn’t been their strong suit for a while. First The Office’s Mindy Kaling then 30 Rock’s Kay Cannon and now this, Fox is one Parks & Recreation writer away from a NBC Thursday night BINGO. Fox is probably seconds from pressing send on an e-mail to Chelsea Peretti and/or Harris Wittels’s agent. Will Fox become the new home for premium sitcom viewing, especially as NBC tries to focus on working with people like Dane Cook and Whitney Cummings?