Ummm, So, CBS Announces Their Fall Schedule


Not to be all like, “CBS’s schedule – woof,” but CBS’s schedule – woof.  The “big news” is they moved Two And A Half Men to Thursday nights at 8:30 so you better start figuring out if you’re going to watch it or Up All Night. Oh, you’re just going to DVR 2.5 Men? And then you’re going to light your DVR on fire? Well played. 2 Broke Girls moves to 9, making it harder to accidently watch after How I Met Your Mother. Partners, the show about a straight guy and a gay guy who are pals, is the only new comedy. Check out the schedule below and realize how much of CBS’s schedule is filled with NCIS and CSI.

CBS FALL 2012-13 SCHEDULE*New programs in UPPER CASE (ignore the NCIS and CSI shows, because they are NCIS and CSI shows, and they are in all caps anyway); comedies in boldMONDAY8-8:30p.m. How I Met Your Mother8:30-9p.m. PARTNERS9-9:30p.m. 2 Broke Girls 9:30-10p.m. Mike & Molly10-11p.m. Hawaii Five-0TUESDAY8-9 p.m. NCIS9-10 p.m. NCIS: Los Angeles10-11 p.m. VEGASWEDNESDAY8-9 p.m. Survivor9-10 p.m. Criminal Minds10-11 p.m. CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationTHURSDAY8-8:30 p.m. The Big Bang Theory8:30-9 p.m. Two And A Half Men9-10 p.m. Person Of Interest10-11 p.m. ELEMENTARYFRIDAY8-9 p.m. CSI: NY 9-10 p.m. MADE IN JERSEY10-11 p.m. Blue BloodsSATURDAY8-10 p.m. Crimetime Saturday10-11 p.m. 48 Hours MysterySUNDAY7-8 p.m. 60 Minutes8-9 p.m. The Amazing Race9-10 p.m. The Good Wife10-11 p.m. The Mentalist