‘Valet Guys’ Will Likely Be Kevin Heaven But Will Less Likely Be Good


Kevin Hart is in talks to co-star with Kevin James in Valet Guys, a film about two guys who are valets (obvs), who need to retrieve a fancy car they lost. Written by James and Nick “Voice of the Cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch” Bakay, this movie sounds like one of those dumb, high-concept comedies that print money despite being terrible. It’s the type of movie we’d never talk about, if it weren’t for how big it will likely be for Hart’s career. Sure, co-starring in a likely good buddy cop film with Seth Rogan is important but this will open him up to the pivotal “people who like bad movies” demographic. Now, if he just books a shitty rom-com, in two years he’ll be a gosh darn movie star. Call up Katherine Heigl, stat!