Breaking Bad Ads Get Political


How do you get people to watch Breaking Bad? AMC would sure like to know! How do you rally the public against the Dish Network? AMC would sure like to know that too! (The companies are currently embroiled in a heated lawsuit, with Dish ready to drop AMC come June 30.) How about through a willfully obfuscating campaign of bus ads warning us that we've "lost access" to the White house? That's lowercase-H house — as in the house where Walter White lives.

Breaking Bad doesn't quite enjoy the level of cultural penetration required for its protagonists' house to be instantly recognizable, nor do Americans seem to be hurting for more access to political conversations, but who knows? Our Breaking Bad fan campaign slogan is "Have you watched Breaking Bad? It's so good! ... Mmhmmm. ... No, start from the beginning. The first three seasons are on instant Netflix, but the fourth season isn't. ... Maybe online or borrow the DVDs from someone? ... Oh, I guess it's kind of depressing, but then it gets more exciting than sad. ... Yeah, it's pretty violent. ... No, I think you'd like it. ... Maybe The Sopranos, I guess? ... Okay, bye."

Photo: AMC