Catherine Tate to Return to ‘The Office’


In news that will likely hearten some and disenchant others (as all Office news does at this point) Catherine Tate will be returning as a series regular next year on The Office. It’s a feeling not unlike hearing your ex is getting married to that British person who you thought was just going to be a rebound or transitional thing. I guess, despite seemingly losing multiple jobs in the company, Nellie Bertram is sticking around. Maybe she’ll take over Kelly’s job as customer service rep and Ryan’s girlfriend. The latter seems unlikely but what else are they going to do at this point? Considering their shared hair color, maybe she’ll be revealed to be Erin’s birth mom and Ellie Kemper will start talking exclusively in a British accent. And then slowly everyone would start talking in a British accent, so much so, that they end up filming the rest of the series as just a shot for shot remake of the British Office but with the American Office’s characters.