Channing Tatum Did Not Steal Stripper Moves


Two fantastically named fellows, Thomas "Awesome" Austin and London Steele, have really been trying to kill Channing Tatum's Magic Mike buzz. "Those guys have been trying to make money off of me since I got into this business," Tatum said at a junket on Saturday, addressing the male strippers' TMZ-delivered accusations that Tatum stole stories and — much, much more gravely — moves from them during his brief stint in the field. Here's Tatum's take: "There’s not one character that I took from my real life; this is just a world that I went into, and I had a perspective on. And we created everything from a fictional place." It sounds like Tatum is taking the accusations in stride, refusing to badmouth Awesome and Steele "because they’re part of the reason why I think this world is so interesting." They are also some of "the most creative people." Rest knowing Magic Mike is original, fictional, and will not only contain sexy dudes, but dudes being sexy creatively.