Colbert’s Mission to Take Over @Sweden Continues


Last week, Stephen Colbert announced his mission to take over Sweden’s official Twitter account, @Sweden. As the above video suggests, he seems to have hit a roadblock; however, lucky for him, he’s much more famous than any one Scandinavian country. As before, Stephen is asking you to nominate him by sending an e-mail to or tweeting #artificialSwedener.

If you’re reading this from Sweden, I was kind of enough to get the above post translated into Swedish using a very official translator:

Lest veek, Stephee Culbert unnuoonced hees meessiun tu teke-a oofer Sveden’s ooffffeeciel Tveetter eccuoont, @Svedee. Es zee ebufe-a feedeu sooggests, he-a seems tu hefe-a heet a ruedbluck; hooefer, loocky fur heem, he’s mooch mure-a femuoos thun uny oone-a Scundeenefiun cuoontry. Es beffure-a, Stephee is eskeeng yuoo tu numeenete-a heem by sendeeng un i-meeel tu oor tveeteeng #artificialSwedener. Bork Bork Bork!

You’re welcome. Bork!