Flight Trailer: Denzel Washington, Survivor?


Forgive us this inelegant paraphrasing of the instant-classic anthem from Drive: Flight marks Robert Zemeckis's return to filming real human beings, but is protagonist Denzel Washington a real hero? Washington plays an airline pilot who pulls a daring, Sully-esque maneuver to land a crippled plane, then is hailed as a savior for it ... only he's kind of a mess, really, and he'd been drinking before he got on that flight. As the truth begins to drip out, can Washington survive the scrutiny (with the help of supporting actors Don Cheadle and John Goodman)? And can you survive the vertiginous, clearly terrifying air-crash sequence that mo-cap veteran Zemeckis has engineered? See it in theaters this holiday season, because you're certainly not gonna catch it as an in-flight movie.