We Graph the Likability of the Boys on Girls


The boys of Girls have inspired many a heated discussion: Are they terrible? Are they bad guys? Are they "losers"? Do we like them? Should the girls like them? Is it okay to like them? What would you do if someone peed on you, just hypothetically? Over the course of the first season's ten episodes, overt weirdo Adam went from an emotionally withholding asshole to a weirdly vulnerable and endearing wedding date — with a pit stop at a nonconsensual golden shower. Charlie, the nice guy of the bunch, started as the vaguely pathetic guy who happily handles his girlfriend's retainer to the vaguely pathetic guy who posts dozens of Facebook photos with his new girlfriend. And Ray, the least-seen of the bunch: snide, bossy, incredibly nosy (he's the one who first discovered Hannah's diary and encouraged Charlie to read it), and not very kind. And yet between his budding relationship with Shoshanna, whom he babysat while she was on crack, and his fashion tips for Hannah, he managed to eke out a win in the likability contest. We decided to chart the guys' likability over the course of the season to help us — and you — understand their individual arcs.