HBO Was Wary of Girls’ Peeing Scene

Photo: HBO

HBO shows feature rape, murder, incest, and a whole host of types of violence and destruction. The only real way to raise the network's eyebrows is to pee on someone, which Lena Dunham discovered when she wrote last week's episode of Girls. "When I wrote that peeing-on-in-the-shower scene, I was like, 'Oh yeah, this is just a funny thing that happens between people,'" Dunham says on today's episode of the B.S. Report. But HBO had a stronger reaction. "[People from the network asked,] 'Do we really want to do this? ... In a new loving relationship, is this really what we want to portray?'" Indeed it was. "I was so delusional that I was like, 'What? That's the most normal part of the entire episode!'" Dunham says. "'What's weird is when they kiss and hug at the end.'"