Jack Black Distills the Creative Process

It’s just one of those things – you know gold when you stumble upon it, when you fall into a field of gold poppies. I think that Kyle and I are patient. What it takes more than anything is patience. You’ve got to go into the rehearsal laboratory and just start jamming. And you’ve got to be strong because you’re going to lay out some real stinky nuggets. It’s going to be mostly bad for a long time. Many years of bad, bad, bad, bad, bad; it’s almost like a Chinese water torture, but instead of water it’s shit that’s dripping on your head. And then eventually a diamond will plop on your head, and you’ll be like, “How did we come up with this?” You know the thing about an infinite amount of monkeys? Well Kyle and I are an infinite amount of monkeys, and you’ve just got to have to have the patience to wait and slog and be prepared for that golden nugget when it drops on your lap.