Jane Lynch to Handle Roastmaster Duties for Roseanne


I always wonder two things when I hear about an upcoming Comedy Central roast: how mean will it be, and is the roastee really on board for it? As Joan Rivers said in A Piece of Work, “They keep telling you it’s an honor. I’m telling you that if I had invested wisely, I wouldn’t be doing this.” The upcoming roast of Roseanne Barr is no different. Is Roseanne really into the idea and thinks it’ll be fun, or is this just a cash grab to keep her nut farm afloat? It’s hard to say, although the second question got a little complicated with the announcement that Jane Lynch will be the roastmaster. It’s an interesting choice, as she seems way too nice and likable to lead the cruel charge that the job requires. Or maybe the rest of the roasters will be so callous that we’ll need a bit of Lynch’s brightness to keep the whole thing palatable? We’ll see! Roseanne certainly doesn’t seem like the type to hold back or take any shit from anyone.