Jerry Seinfeld and Maybe You to Appear on ‘Louie’


During an interview about Madagascar 3: Madder, Gassier and More Scars, Chris Rock picked up his cell phone because he cared so much about the interview and because Jerry Seinfeld was calling to tell him about his day shooting Louie. Rock didn’t say what Jerry was doing on the show but here are the two most likely scenarios: 1) Louie writes jokes for Jerry like “What’s the deal with masturbating all the time and thinking your kids are assholes…” or 2) The two comedians have a long conversation about doing comedy and Louie tries to make out with Jerry. If you want to star alongside these making out legends, Louis tweeted yesterday: “If you’re in NYC and want to attend a taping of a fake show inside of my show, tomorrow, (Fri) 6pm, email:” It’s your chance to be immortalized as the lady who makes a weird squirrel face when she laughs in season 3 episode 9 of Louie.