John Cho Cho-sen As a Regular on ‘Go On’


Some actors make their bones in their eyes. Some actors are masters of voice control. Some can just use body language to convey a lifetime of experiences. (If you’ve watched Whitney, Whitney exclusively acts by waving her arms around.) John Cho, however, it’s all in the eyebrows. Playing it cool? Eyebrows. Pompous? Eyebrows. Concerned? You know it’s the eyebrows. In the pilot for Go On, he did a great job playing the boss of the grieving Matthew Perry by displaying all of these eyebrows. (And more!? Not really, it was just those eyebrows.) Well, get used to dem brows, America, because Cho has made a deal to stay as a series regular on Go On. NBC obviously has a lot riding on Go On with the considerable comedic talent it has assembled: Matthew Perry, Brett Gelman, Seth Morris, the kid from Everybody Hates Chris, and now John Cho’s hilarious eyebrows.