See Vulture’s Magic Mike: The Gathering Cards

Photo: Jon Defreest

Pop quiz! In your spare time, do you like to (a) Go to films that force A-list male stars to disrobe for our amusement, or (b) Play turn-based card games involving dark mages and draw spells? If you answered yes to both, Vulture has finally come up with a pursuit that combines your passions, and we're calling it Magic Mike: The Gathering! With these five cards in your hands, you can battle friends using the awesome powers of any male stripper in Steven Soderbergh's fleshy drama. Can Channing Tatum hypnotize an orc with his stunning, shirtless dance moves? Can Joe Manganiello dispense with an entire group of rogue elves by using his formidable, windmilling member? (Talk about fantasy gaming!)

Click on the cards below and start formulating your plan of attack.