Matt Groening Ending ‘Life in Hell’ After 32 Years


So, apparently Groening is able to end very long running things he’s involved with – who knew? The 1669th and last Life in Hell ran last Friday, June 15th and for the next four weeks, editors will run strips from the archives, but then on July 13. it’s done. Groening commented, “I’ve had great fun, in a Sisyphean kind of way, but the time has come to let Binky and Sheba and Bongo and Akbar and Jeff take some time off.” Other than being at one time an incredibly popular comic strip, peaking at a 379-paper syndication, it is also directly responsible for The Simpsons. James L. Brooks first asked Groening to do animated shorts of Life in Hell on The Tracy Ullman Show. The Simpsons were created, so he didn’t have to give away rights to those characters and the rest is history. Here are a few to remember it by: