Peter Krause Bravely Shares Horrifying Story

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Every actor has a horror story: flubbed lines, bad entrances, ripped costumes, whatever. Peter Krause tops them all, though, with a story about the dangers of summer stock. Krause was doing an avant-garde play in a barn upstate, and "unbeknownst to me, we shouldn't have been drinking the well water," he tells THR in a roundtable discussion with other actors. There he was, onstage in a tuxedo, facing away from the audience when he experienced "incredible gastronomic pain," he says. "I do what I can to try to alleviate the pressure, and things progress to a point where I wouldn't want them to." Yeah, Peter Krause totally shit his pants onstage and then had to dance around in them for a while before the act break. Your move, Hugh Jackman!