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Carly Rae Jepsen, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots Present Today’s Most Delightful ‘Call Me Maybe’ Video

"Call Me Maybe" has been simmering at No. 2 for weeks now, it's the morning show peppy interstitial music of choice, and even computer–Barack Obama has joined the cause. It's a real phenomenon! But if you were holding out for a Cool People endorsement (and if James Franco does not qualify), then your time has come: Jimmy Fallon and The Roots are onboard. They even made a video with Carly last night, before her Fallon appearance, and honestly, it is so charming, even if you are not a "Call Me Maybe" devotee. Just wait till the chorus comes in and Questlove pops in with the weird baguette drum. (They only used schoolroom instruments.) There's a rainbow xylophone, too. And a recorder joke! We've kept you too long, please just enjoy.

Photo: yotube