Easy Money Trailer: Joel Kinnaman's High Life (of Crime)


When a Swedish crime thriller called Snabba Cash became a hit in early 2012, Hollywood came calling: The director, Daniel Espinosa, was swiftly plucked from his native country to helm big-budget action pictures like Safe House, while star Joel Kinnaman quickly found work on The Killing (and in the upcoming remake of Robocop, where he plays the lead). The movie rights were sold to Warner Bros. with an English-language re-do intended to star Zac Efron, but with Kinnaman ascendant, the original is set to come out this summer in the meantime. Enjoy the trailer, though it does that annoying thing where it excludes all dialogue so you won't know it's a foreign film; the result is kind of a plotless tease (Kinnaman plays a man who turns to crime in order to finance the expensive wooing of an heiress), but you do get some good clean-shaven Kinnaman action, if that's your thing.

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