Shonda Rhimes Thinks Bunheads Could Use a Little More Diversity

Photo: Courtsey of ABC Family

As the dust settles on the season-long Girls diversity debate, we turn now to ABC Family, where Amy Sherman-Palladino's Bunheads — which stars Sutton Foster, Kelly Bishop, and four teenage dancers, all of whom are white — has earned the disapproval of none other than Shonda Rhimes. The tweet in question: "Hey @abcfunheads: Really? You couldn't cast even ONE young dancer of color so I could feel good about my kid watching this show? NOT ONE?" Rhimes, whose own shows are notably, painstakingly diverse, later ran back her criticisms a bit, offering, "I did love seeing girls of all shapes and sizes. That was great. Am a huge Gilmore Girls fan. Just pointing out one issue … " But it is an issue that people are probably not done arguing about! Especially where powerful female showrunners are involved. Stand by for Round Two (Round Ten?), everyone.