Supercut of Every Roots Shout Out on ‘Late Night’


Give it up for The Roots. Man, The Roots. The Roots, amirite!? Yes U R, The Roots. How about those guys [point towards The Roots]? Dude. The Roots. Dude. So cool – The Roots. The Roots – SO cool. Guys… guys… The… ROOTS.  Is that The Roots? It is The Roots. The Roots, The Roots, The Roots is on fire, we don’t need no water…don’t let The Roots burn, please. One more time, everybody, The Roots. [Casual head nod with an a slight eyebrow raise towards The Roots.] Roots Roots Roots for The Roots team, if they don’t win it’s a shame. In all seriousness, THE ROOOOOOOOOTS. T. H. E. R. O. O. T. S. The Roots.