‘The Hangover’ to Make A Triumphant Return to Las Vegas


The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that some scenes from The Hangover 3 will be shot in Las Vegas in the next month. It had previously been reported that the movie would be set in Tijuana and LA and focus on the crew trying to bust Alan out of a mental hospital. The return to Vegas, will be a coming home of sorts for the gang, which is only appropriate with this being the last in the trilogy and all. If I had to guess, the last scene of the film will have the gang huddled together on a roof in Vegas, shot glasses in their hands. Phil will give a speech like, “We’ve had some crazy times together and there’s nobody I would’ve rather spent them with. Here’s to many more.” And they cheers and sad music starts to play and then the camera pans over to an empty bottle of rohypnol and the crowd cheers and roars and roars and roars through all the credits.