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Watch a Supercut of Weeds’ Nancy Botwin Guzzling Iced Coffee

Weeds has taken viewers on a ridiculous ride since debuting in 2005. From selling dime bags to her son's teachers, to burning down the McMansions of Agrestic, to marrying the Tijuana mayor and human trafficker, to taking the fall on a murder charge for her son, to her prison romance and everything in between, one thing has remained constant: Nancy Botwin's insatiable need to sip iced coffee. She does so coyly and comically, drinking out of the side of her mouth while batting her eyelashes and stomping down the plastic ice-filled cup for dramatic effect. To mark the show's eighth and final season, the premiere of which aired last night, we compiled some of Nancy's many, many iced-coffee gulps — not at all counting the times the cup is merely used as a prop and never sipped. (What's the straw budget on this show, anyway?) One thing we noticed is that Nancy's cup is almost always half-empty. If you've made it into the eighth season, you likely feel the same way.