Warner Bros. Interested in Guinness Book of World Records Film

The things people will do for 15 minutes. Photo: Andrew Redington/2012 Getty Images

The studio is currently negotiating for the rights to base a film on the almanac of all things ridiculous — such as the most people wearing yellow paper crowns at the same time or longest marathon run dressed up as a book character (see left). Considering Warner Bros. is bringing in The Office's Danny Chun to write the action-adventure flick's script, here's just a few plot arcs we think could work:

Option #1: Man builds 2,680-mile-long Dunder Mifflin paper chain from California to North Carolina, fighting gypsies and tea partiers along the way. Ultimately, he's victorious, beating the current world record by approximately 2,659.8 miles.

Option #2: The world is threatened by a record number of record-huge aliens, prompting one adventurous female office worker to build the world's largest robot, built entirely out of record-breaking mountains of paper clips and record-breaking tubs of glue. The robot is, to say the least, highly ineffectual. But no matter, the alien invaders have weak immune systems and ultimately succumb to the common cold.

Dear Danny and Warner Bros., please feel free to run with either of these totally Guinness-worthy film ideas — just remember, credit where credit's due.