Zosia Mamet on the Golden Rule of ‘Hipsterdom’

Zosia Mamet. Photo: CLINT SPAULDING/Patrick McMullan

At last night's Cinema Society screening of People Like Us, Vulture asked Zosia Mamet, Girls' virgin-no-more Shoshanna, to weigh in on whether or not her character is in fact an "anti-hipster," as Alex Karpovsky, a.k.a. Ray, told us she was last week. In the sense that Shoshanna openly "gives a hard, hard shit," Mamet reflected, then yes, she's an anti-hipster. "Any hipster would never, ever want to reveal that," she explains. "It's the antithesis of hipsterdom." (Take note, Bushwick residents: Zosia Mamet is on to you.) A few beats later, she told us that fans are often "weirded out" when they realize she's nothing like her character in real life. But, actually, we're not so sure about that; when we asked if she'd heard that Bloomberg is a fan of Girls, she responded thusly: "Oh my God! [Squeals.] That’s incredible. I did not hear that. A-mazing. I love that." Sure sounds like giving a hard, hard shit to us!