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Alex Karpovsky==
The Peggy Siegal Company Presents a Screening of Fox Searchlight Pictures' RUBY SPARKS==
Sunshine Landmark and The Vault at Pfaffs, NYC==
July 11, 2012==
© PatrickMcMullan==
Photo - Andrew Toth /
== Alex Karpovsky.

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Alex Karpovsky Once Snooped Through His Ex’s Texts

Remember when Ray read Hannah's diary on Girls? It was one of the show's most despicable male moments (silver lining: the Charlie-Marnie split). So when Vulture caught up with Alex Karpovsky, the inner-jerk-loving actor who plays Ray, at a Peggy Siegal and Asahi screening of Ruby Sparks last night, we had to ask: Has he ever stooped so low in real life? "I went through one of my ex-girlfriend’s phones once," he told us. "I went through her text messages, which I think is in a way a modern diary. Most girls don’t keep diaries anymore, and their text messages are a reflection of their dialogue ...  you can get a lot of information." How refreshingly (disturbingly?) honest. "I’m not proud of it," he continued. "But there were suspicions and I tried to deal with them maturely by talking about them and she denied them — so I felt like I was given no choice. I’d like to say I’d never go through a girl's diary, but I don’t know. If a girl's acting funny and I love her and she’s still being distant, I might have to do something extreme." As for whether he keeps a diary himself, he said, "No. I used to have one but not anymore. I do a lot of voice memos but they’re less to express feelings, more just to jot down ideas." Here's an idea: Learn to trust your girlfriends. (Slash, we love you just the way you are.)

Photo: Andrew Toth/Patrick McMullan