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raw deal

See Our Breaking Bad Face Cards

When we last left Breaking Bad, Walt had trumped Gus, and we can't wait for the fifth season to kick off this Sunday to see what hand Heisenberg plays next. And what better way to illustrate this metaphor than with Jon Defreest's design for Breaking Bad face cards? Walt is the King, of course, while Jesse makes the perfect Jack, and Skyler the Queen. And then see whom we selected as the Joker after ruling out a meth-head squashed under an ATM. (We figured that might spook the kids when playing Go Fish.) Check them out, and then print our PDF out at the bottom; feel free to laminate them and stick them in your own deck for when you play gin rummy and you are the one who knocks.

To print out a PDF of all the cards, click here.

Photos: Jon Defreest; Jon Defreest; Jon Defreest; Jon Defreest; Jon Defreest; Jon Defreest