The Dark Knight Rises to Earn Unearthly Sums

Photo: Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

When you've got a big bunch of folks — say, The Avengers — ganging up on one moody, super-powerless fellow, you're going to have to root for the latter. Just how it is. And so the prognostications for The Dark Knight Rises's box office take, and the various comparisons to The Avengers, have begun in earnest. As to Batman's monetary victory, Nikki Finke at Deadline says "some moguls are telling me no, some moguls are telling me yes." A few problems in the contest lie in The Dark Knight Rises's lack of price-boosting 3-D and potential superhero fatigue following that one avenging crew and The Amazing Spider-Man. But flying in the face of those dampers are a few cold, hard stats Deadline acquired: The Dark Knight Rises has sold $25 million in presale tickets, and "MovieTickets surveys found that, of the people aware of The Dark Knight Rises, 78% said they would see it opening weekend." Oh, and scalpers are waving around tickets to midnight IMAX showings for Loews Lincoln Square 13 for a measly $65-$100. What are you waiting for?