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The Dark Knight Creases: Fold Your Own Batman, Bane, and Catwoman Masks

Have any desire to sit in your next office meeting and demand (in a raspy voice) a confession from the person you suspect stole your lunch from the communal fridge? Want to attend your next cocktail party as the only person wearing a sexy but completely out of context cat mask? Have you been itching to tell your teenager this line after catching him or her sneaking out of the house yet again? Well, you can do any or all of those things in character ... provided you print out the following Dark Knight Rises–themed origami masks on eleven-by-seventeen paper and then follow the not-at-all-confusing instructions. (You can see the rest of Origotham designer Patrick Sullivan's work over at his site.)

Print out Vulture's Batman mask here.

Print out Vulture's Bane mask here.

Print out Vulture's Catwoman mask here.

Photos: Patrick Sullivan; Patrick Sullivan; Patrick Sullivan; Patrick Sullivan