Fox Is Launching the ‘Short-Com Comedy Hour’ in a Year


Next summer, Fox is going to air 6-9 episodes of the Short-Com Comedy Hour. What’s a short-com? Great question! It’s a term Fox made up that means short-form sitcom. The idea is Fox will take four of these short-coms and squeeze them into an hour. But they aren’t sketches. Each will be a multi-camera one-act sitcom scene. The network is looking for comedians, primarily stand-ups, who will create, produce, and star in their own mini shows. It’s meant to harken back to the early 90s when stand-ups were given multi-cam series built around their acts. The ultimate goal of this show is to find the next Ray Romano or whomever, to have the audience help choose which show is worthy of a full-length full-series order.

It’s part of Fox’s overall goal to get back into the multi-cam business, which makes the Dan Harmon news from yesterday make more sense. It might seem crazy that after all this progress, networks would want to go back to multi-camera, yet they are much cheaper and  it was always a medium that made sense to the comedic rhythms of a stand-up. Also, Cheers was multi-camera. Have you ever seen Cheers? If more shows were like Cheers, we’d all cheers our TV sets.