Get Ready for 4-D Theaters

Oh no, our boat is capsizing. Photo: CJCGV

While Spy Kids 4's Aroma-scope scratch-and-sniff cards proved somewhat difficult to use, a South Korean company has ambitious plans to provide America with a more full-bodied 4-D cinema experience — complete with moving chairs, "back ticklers" to stimulate explosions, strobe lights, and tiny nozzles able to spray water, mist, smoke, bubbles, and up to 1,000 scents (including, unappealingly, burning rubber.) With several successful franchises already established in Asia and Mexico, the Los Angeles Times reports that the CJ Group expects to open as many as 200 fully-4-D movie theaters stateside within the next five years. The cost to you, the hard-to-impress moviegoer: an extra $8.