Here Are New Songs From No Doubt and Green Day


Good morning and welcome to the time-travel portion of our Monday! The date is July 16, the year is 2012, and the new music is from … No Doubt, a band that has not put out a studio album since 2001, and Green Day, a band that has been putting out music pretty consistently but still is associated most closely with waiting for that Dookie secret song and yelling at your parents because the CD is not over just because it's silent and could they please chill out? (Or maybe you really connected with American Idiot. Vulture doesn't know your life!) The point is, two very successful mid-nineties bands have chosen this particular morning to release their new singles, and both are available for your listening or nostalgic pleasure below. "Settle Down," the No Doubt offering, is one of the songs that Major Lazer was working on, and it is not on a loop — it's six minutes long. Green Day gets into the mix with "Oh Love," the lead single off ¡UNO! (to be followed by ¡DOS!, ¡TRE!, and, God willing, a Bono collaboration called ¡CATORCE!). The lyric video on that one might be a little dizzy-making, but then, so is time travel. Enjoy.