Jack and Diane Trailer: Werewolfsbians


Here are the words you won't find missing from any past or future press regarding Jack and Diane: Lesbians, Werewolves. The werewolf awareness is unfortunate, as bipedal lupine terrors are nowhere to be found in this official trailer, although there's an unsettling if not straight-up menacing tone throughout. (Really nothing like John Cougar Mellencamp's little ditty.) It's hard imagining if the film's trajectory will be any more jarring than this clip, which reminds us "love can be so strong it devours us," then hands us the skin-crawly line "I just wanna, like, unzip my body and put you in there." EEK! The film, from The Exploding Girl and Salt writer-director Bradley Rust Grey, stars Kylie Minogue, Riley Keough (Magic Mike, The Runaways), and Juno Temple, hot off a bit part in The Dark Knight Rises as Catwoman's … what, buddy? Still scratching our heads over that. Anyway, Jack and Diane will come to VOD September 28 and theaters on November 2.