Louis C.K. Addresses Receiving so Much Attention


“I don’t think anybody but the president should have that kind of coverage for everything they say. I don’t prepare statements and have a team of people — it can be a little reckless. You can wax philosophical about something and it becomes a statement. I know it won’t last, and I don’t expect it, and I’ll be fine when it’s gone. It’s the kind of thing that’s always fleeting. I think mostly about the work that I do, and a lot of it is in front of audiences and that’s when I really connect with folks. The spectacle of being a person out there, that gets weird and it’s not simple or easy to manage. But that’s part of my job.”

- Louis C.K. on being the reigning king of comedy and culture and cultural comedy, and how people report on everything he says too often, of which this post is an example.