Madonna Hit With Swastika Lawsuit in France

Madonna introduces Avicii as part of Day Two of Ultra Music Festival 14 at Bayfront Park on March 24, 2012 in Miami, Florida.
Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

It is 2012 and Madonna has managed to enact a variety of headline-worthy goings-on essentially every week since her Super Bowl halftime show. The latest is this: Madge arrived in Paris on Saturday and did something she'd been doing for weeks and weeks on her MDNA tour, which was to play a video montage featuring French right-winger Marine Le Pen receiving a swastika on her forehead for a millisecond. And just as Le Pen and the National Front party threatened to do if the swastika-superimposing were to find its way into France, they are suing. Other well-knowns featured in the nightly JumboTron interlude set to 2003's "Nobody Knows Me": Pope Benedict XVI, Sarah Palin, and Adolf Hitler.

Below, check out the video for yourself and determine how law-suitable the Le Pen moment, at 1:32, is. (Then ponder how this is the official MDNA Tour Moment of Legal Action, not Madonna's Istanbul nipple-flash.) Also, enjoy the rad slacklining moves — those inmate-costumed fellows are really bouncing, and those Hot Cops appear legitimately upset.