See Mindy Kaling’s New Mindy Project Promo


We're just a little more than two months away from the start of the new TV season, which means broadcasters are beginning to dramatically up the volume on the marketing of their new shows. Over at Fox, that means lots of love for The Mindy Project, in which The Office regular Mindy Kaling steps out from behind the cubicle to star as a successful OB/GYN doctor whose personal life is not as successful. Fox has been teasing viewers with snippets of the show since May, but starting Monday, it'll begin airing a new specially shot promo to ramp up interest. Vulture's got the exclusive debut of said spot, and Fox hopes it encourages you to mark your Google calendars: The Mindy Project premieres Tuesday, September 25, where it will follow New Girl. The network still has time to come up with an "adorkable"-like term for Kaling's OB. Some free suggestions: gynecolovable, hysterectical, vaginerd, "you'll specu-love it!"