Some Guest-Star News


- Reno 911! Star Niecy Nash will appear in an early episode of The New Girl next season as woman who steals Jess’s likely ribbon and hearts covered purse. To take the shenanigan level up another notch, this twee purse thief will be a prostitute. Basically, it will be Jess’s chance to meet her polar opposite. Also, Leslie Mann will appear as a shot girl in the episode where the gang celebrates the removal of Schmidt’s penis cast. Lastly, the perpetually getting sitcom work David Walton will be reoccurring as Jess’s definitely tall, probably boneheaded love interest.

- Michael Trucco will return next season to How I Met Your Mother for an extended arc. Trucco had appeared VERY briefly as Robin’s “crush” in the season 6 episode where Barney parties with his dad. Future Ted narrated that there was going to be more on him later. Well, it seems like “later” is next season and “more” is something to the effect that he is the last person Robin dates before she marries Barney. Or maybe his sister is the “mother” – really anything that moves that story forward is probably the best plan.