That Time Alison Brie, Nick Offerman, and Megan Mullally Smoked Pot to Promote a Movie


Well, this seems like a fun time. The best part, other than all the parts, is that Alison Brie isn’t even in this movie. She must’ve just did this as a friendly gesture. Meaning Megan probably texted her one Sunday and been like, “Hey Al, we are shooting this promo thing for a movie we’re in that Nick produced. You want to appear in it and maybe stay for dinner. Nick is grilling some steaks, you know Nick, and I’m making a salad with some veggies I got from the Silverlake farmers market.” (Megan Mullally is famous for long texts.) This movie doesn’t come out until next March, so this give us ample time to worm our way into the monthly NBC comedy actors potluck.