‘The Neighbors’ and ‘Suburgatory’ Trade Time Slots


When ABC first released its schedule, freshman sitcom The Neighbors was in the coveted Wednesday 9:30 pm, post-Modern Family slot. Well, ABC has changed its mind and moved it to 8:30, swapping it with Suburgatory. There are plenty of reasons for the switch but the most likely seems to be that The Neighbors is too unabashedly kid-friendly from 9:30. It’s a show about a family living in a town made up of aliens. Watch the trailer below; it feels like it could be played on Saturday afternoons, after cartoons. On the other hand, Suburgatory is a bit more adult and bit more subtly peculiar. This could be a huge break for Suburgatory, getting the eyeballs of those too lazy to change the channel after Modern Family. Well, at least until ABC realizes if they just play four episodes of Modern Family in a row on Wednesdays, new or reruns, they’d win every time slot.