‘The Watch’ Wasn’t Watched this Weekend


The Watch earned only $13 million this weekend, which is frankly pretty damn bad. It’s exactly the same amount as what That’s My Boy disappointedly earned its opening weekend. The Olympics might’ve hurt it a little but apparently it was tracking poorly as is. There just was no buzz surrounding the film. It probably didn’t help that only three months ago the movie ending up changing its title out of respect to Trayvon Martin. However, ultimately, this movie had three of the type of stars that should be able to open a movie and none of them were able to woo America. Especially since by all accounts the movie is pretty terrible, garnering a 15% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Campaign opens in less than two weeks. It will be the summer’s last test to see if people want their comedies to star people or talking stuffed bears. Right now a teddy bear is kicking your ass, movie stars.