Things Might Happen Next Season on ‘Happy Endings’


Happy Endings is a wildly funny show but for better or worse, things don’t really happen. Namely, romantic relationships aren’t really sustained, other than, of course, the one between Brad and his shirt-dress. In a recent interview, showrunners David Caspe and Jonathan Groff alluded to the fact that this might change. Caspe: “We’re going to have Penny to actually try and have a relationship.” And apparently Max won’t be super excited about this. Caspe explained: “We’re breaking a story right now where Max is not all that comfortable with Penny’s new boyfriend.” Boyfriend! That implies multiple episodes. Year of Penny!  The other focus will be on the whole Alex and Dave thing. Groff: “What we try do with the show is make sure that the relationships feel real, so it feels like Dave and Alex kind of need to reconnect again. He added: “They never had that rebound. I don’t think that will go well.” Since he runs the show, I’m pretty sure that means it will definitely not go well. Ultimately, the show probably needs to progress and have less solely episodic story arcs, or be in danger of feeling stale. Also, ultimately, the show needs more of Brad in a shirt-dress.