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HBO Finally Schedules Treme’s Return

HBO's :

"Treme"-  Season II   2011

Melissa Leo-  Toni Bernette
Jon Seda-  Nelson Hidalgo
India Ennenga-  Sofia Bernette
Venida Evans-  Mrs. Brooks
Jeffrey Carisalez-  Arnie Reyes
Steve Zahn-  Davis McAlary
Clarke Peters-  Albert Lambreaux
Khandi Alexander-  LaDonna Batiste-Williams
Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc-  Desiree
Wendell Pierce-  Antoine Batiste
Rob Brown-  Delmond Lambreaux
Lucia Micarelli-  Annie
Michiel Huisman-  Sonny
Danai Gurira-  Jill Hudson
Kim Dickens-  Janette Desautel
Davi Jay-  Robinette
Dan Ziskie-  CJ Liguori
David Morse-  Lt. Colson
Lance E. Nichols-  Larry Williams
Darien Sills-Evans-  Darnell Nichols
Jennifer Kober- Andrea Cazayoux
Otto DeJean- George Cotrell
Ntara Guma Mbaho Mwine- Jacques
Steve Earle- Harley Watts

Treme's ten-episode third season will premiere Sunday, September 23, HBO announced today. The season-two finale aired July 3, 2011, and yeah, that might seem like a long time in between seasons, but that's just how Treme operates. Reject those rigid, go-go-go concepts of time and embrace the breathable, holistic meandering of Treme! A year and change is nothing; every hour is a lifetime; order and disorder are the two halves of our lives and our world; jazz stuff jazz stuff cooking. (Oh, and Boardwalk Empire returns September 16.)

Photo: Paul Schiraldi/HBO