Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis v. Jon Stewart and Jon Hamm


I’m pretty sure Jon Hamm decided that during his Mad Men break he’s going to just give himself to the comedy community and let them use him for anything they need. There is this, he dressed like an apple for Kristen Schaal to say bye to New York, he’s appearing on like all the Fox animated shows, he sang with Reggie Watts about Taxi, he’s going to appear on Children’s Hospital with a moustache, and who knows what else. He’s like comedy’s boyfriend. (Well done, comedy. But be careful, he doesn’t believe in marriage.) And as comedy’s boyf, he did a great job putting Jon Stewart in his place for years of shit questions. Remember when he asked Barack Obama, “Is the White House a fun place to work? Do you and Joe play any pranks?”