ABC to Pilot American Version of ‘Spy’


Spy is a British show about a single father who quits his mundane job and is accidentally recruited to become a spy. You know, the classic way spies are found. Now picture him as American. (“OOOOooooOOOO,” says you.) ABC is working to develop an adaption of the popular Sky 1 comedy with the original creator Simeon Goulden writing the pilot. It’s expected the series will be given a put pilot, which means it will have to be aired. There has a been a lot of proposed British sitcom adaptions recently; however, truthfully, ever since The Office, it has been a pretty constant flow. It’s probably all the execs watching British shows and laughingly saying: “This show is SO funny. Have you heard the silly way they talk? We need more silly talking. AND MONKEYS! I’m an executive.”