Yes, Arrested Development Will Still Be Complex

August 14th 2012 Burbank, CA. David Cross & Portia de Rossi film film a scene for the cult hit Television show, "Arrested Development" which last aired in 2006. Six years after being cancelled a fourth season has now begun filming for Netflix. The first scene to be filmed took place at the Burbank Airport with original cast members David Cross & Portia de Rossi . The Burbank Airport doubled for an airport in India with actor David Cross wearing a humorous version of the Sari. Photo: Eric Ford/On Location News

Arrested Development's calling card was always ludicrously intricate plotting, and David Cross tells Rolling Stone all the overlapping absurdity you came to love will indeed be back for the show's Netflix incarnation. "This makes Lost look like a Spalding Grey monologue," he says. Through complicated show math, we are forced to conclude that Tobias is the Locke of AD.  (Michael is Jack, obviously.)