‘Arrested Development’ Starts Shooting Today!!!!


As you’re reading these very words, Will Arnett might be talking with Tony Hale, in his iconic Arnett grumble: “It’s weird to be back, right? Can you pass me that Danish? No, that one.” Maybe David Cross is trying on a pair of cut-off jorts right this second. Or maybe not. Either way, something’s happening. All the final dots and crosses are being made and everyone will start production on the Netflix season today. The season was planned to be a bridge from the original three seasons to the much-anticipated movie, though Hurwitz is leaving his options open to more seasons beyond that! As was previously reported, each episode will follow one member of the Bluths. However, there are only nine members of the family, leaving one unaccounted for episode. Will it follow the narrator? Oscar? Annyong!!?!