Jimmy Fallon, America’s Bedtime Hero


America, what do you fall asleep to? Now that DVRs make it easy to watch our shows whenever we like, have our bedtime TV habits changed? Not as much as you might think. According to TiVo data compiled by the Daily Beast, the last shows people watch on a weeknight, both recorded and live, are still mostly late-night talk shows. The most popular last-show-of-the-day is Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, with 11 percent of people watching him before bed. Fallon's followed by Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, Ferguson, surprise entry Nightline, and then Conan — who's the most popular cable show on the list. Around 3.5 percent fall asleep after SportsCenter and 3 percent after Sean Hannity, prompting us to wonder what kinds of dreams people have if Sean Hannity is basically their lullaby. The most popular bedtime drama is Syfy's Lost Girl, which comes in at No. 10 on the list (again, what kinds of dreams do you people have?), which is followed by Chopped. Chopped! Around 2 percent of TiVo folk fall asleep to Chopped.