‘Bye Baby’ Video: Nas Puts on a Divorce Play


First, there was the Life Is Good cover art, which featured Nas cradling his ex-wife Kelis's green wedding dress (it was the only item she left behind after the divorce, he said). Then came "Bye Baby," a not-as-bitter-as-it-could-have-been, but still fairly specific kiss-off to the "Caught Out There" ("I Hate You So Much Right Now") singer. And today Nas presents Part Three of his Break-Up Commemorative Series with the "Bye Baby" video, which is pretty much just a reenactment of everything referenced in Parts One and Two. Nas finds the dress; Nas looks sad about finding the dress; Nas sulks in his giant home movie theater watching videos of his wedding; Nas lectures Kelis while she is signing the divorce papers. Don't worry, though, it has a happy ending (if you consider "hanging out on the terrace with the bros" a happy ending).